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How wonderful it is to know that everyone has a story. For the longest time, I was wondering what my narrative is that I could share with you. After some time, I realized, my whole life is a story, and if we sat around the kitchen table with a cup of tea, we could spend hours sharing our life similarities. So how about I start by saying my name is Marie Hribar. In my forties, I had a mid-life crisis. Some would call this a realization that things can’t go on as they had been going. So, what I call a course correction in life. I was introduced to pottery. During this time in my life, I am about forty years old, 3 children, and a husband. About a year into working with clay, finding my art side of the brain, my God seemed to say, I wasn’t done with having children. Hence, I had my fourth child by the age of about forty-five.   



Make no mistake. Working in clay involves many facets. One of these facets is the technical side, which requires book work and trial and error. The trial and error part means you probably won’t make that mistake again. The unfortunate thing is that I have to do error several times to understand that a mistake had occurred. The artistic expression I feel is the hardest thing to master. I think it’s a life-long work in progress. To put, what is in your mind into your medium. In my case, clay is the medium that I work with. 

One of the things I like to do is go to Art shows. At Art shows, I display my work. Going to art shows gets me away from home for a little while, balance.  I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and sharing stories. Being a sounding board for someone is my favorite thing. I find that going to these shows is something my God really wants me to do. After about eighteen years of doing these shows, I can honestly say that at least one person comes to my booth that doesn’t want to buy anything but that the Lord sends them my way because my history has something that can help them heal or move on in their lives. 

So, who am I?   I am an overcomer, and my God has been at my side all my life. So, for now, I get excited to meet people, work in my studio, and express myself through my craft.   Four Winds Pottery is an artist-run Pottery Studio selling artist crafted hand-built pottery. Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina these art pieces are inspired by the beauty of the region, its mountains, and the native species.